Support a Young Trader

Dhruv Nagarajan: The next young Warren Buffet?

Dhruv Nagarajan is a 14 year old investor who has been studying the stock market for roughly 1.5 years. Dhruv has always had an early interest in the stock market - and wanted to explore learning something new during his spare time.  He began to watch YouTube videos about the market, and eventually came across Blaze Capital, and actively participated in our streams, and worked his way through our various educational resources. Over time, Dhruv decided to open up a paper trading account to begin his journey in investing. After joining Blaze Capital, he became deeply invested in continuing his education and practice in the market. Since joining our community, he has consistently contributed well researched trading plans, market thesis, and company research to our community. When we learned Dhruv was only 14 years old and already showing such great promise and disciplined trading, we knew that this young trader has what it takes to conquer the stock market. Blaze Capital would like to support Dhruv in this journey, and raise funds that will go directly to him for the purpose of allowing him to build and craft his winning portfolio.